Career in Emergency Medicine for IMGs in UK Career in Emergency Medicine for IMG The presentation was presented in the training guidance seminar for IMGs in London on 20 July. It's mostly focused on the ways IMGs can apply into the training program after starting their non training job in UK. The seminar was fantastic and it's always fascinating to discuss with... Continue Reading →

Apps needed in UK emergency department

A&E is always a fast-paced place. Many  things are going on at the same time. Sometimes it become very difficult to keep pace and while human factors play important role to make situation more unpredictable. Day by day we have become more and more dependent on apps. There are apps which are very effective and... Continue Reading →

How to rule out Acute MI with SINGLE high sensitive Troponin T?

In this era of emergency practice a bulk of patient present to the ED with chest pain and exclusion of cardiac chest pain and/or ACS is one of the primary goals here. Checking repeated cardiac troponin is a standard process and an acceptable way of management for suspected ACS patients. In our today's discussion we... Continue Reading →

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