Career in Emergency Medicine for IMGs in UK

Career in Emergency Medicine for IMG

The presentation was presented in the training guidance seminar for IMGs in London on 20 July.

It’s mostly focused on the ways IMGs can apply into the training program after starting their non training job in UK.

The seminar was fantastic and it’s always fascinating to discuss with highly charged up and motivated group of people.

As I shared in twitter after the seminar that it was so exciting as more people were interested following the seminar to pursue EM as career in UK.

The QA part was more interesting as very interesting topics like burning out and work life balance came forward.

Obviously when one works in a fast pacing department like Emergency Medicine, it might be challenging sometimes to balance. We discussed about newly launched EM leadership courses by Royal College of Emergency Medicine and other local supports of deanery.

Less Than Full Time training made many people interested about the ever exciting speciality as it give a good window when considering work life balance.

If you are interested about EM in UK, feel free to check here.

Any further question, feel free to contact me here or DM me in twitter please.

2 thoughts on “Career in Emergency Medicine for IMGs in UK

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  1. Hello
    I have two querys.

    1)After completion of MD anesthesia, will i be eligible for Frcem/Mrcem exam?

    2Will the Initial three steps of Mrcem exam suffice to enter GMC register

    Thank you


    1. Hello,
      Thank you for the questions.

      1. You don’t need any Anaesthesia degree to be eligible for MRCEM, MBBS is enough to start for MRCEM, for FRCEM, generally speaking you need MRCEM finished or equivalent (Like FRCEM Intermediate)

      2. Yes, it does.

      Thank you and good luck.


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