ACCS ready – a course for ACCS interview preparation

For Emergency Medicine training in UK, ACCS is a great way of entry. It provides good time to develop skills in core emergency, acute medical, anaesthetic and critical care area before you roll into ST3 level.

Although there are different way of entry like DREEM program (extended ST3 entry), ACCS has its own advantages like offering full CCT and extended level of training.


Emergency Medicine Career in UK – click here


To enter Emergency Medicine training via ACCS training one have to apply in Oriel for ACCS EM route. And preparation required for the interview as there are five stations where different things will be reviewed.

Focusing of ACCS interview, a group of trainees come out with a half day preparation course in name of ACCS ready, which is going to take place in Croydon University Hospitals on 10th November 2018. It is an option to see the interview through the eyes of trainees who have recently gone through this interview.

I shared review of my interview of HEE ACCS Emergency Medicine Interview here. It can help you to get an idea before hand.

ACCS ready would help you to see the wider picture of the interview and to help your preparation as per requirements.


If you consider ACCS and would like to get an idea of interview, you can book you in for ACCS Ready course as mentioned at ACCS ready flyer.


If you are going for interview, good luck. If you would like to know anything else, feel free to ask or can tweet/message here.

Thank you very much for your interest in EM.

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